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 The New Age of the Sith

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PostSubject: The New Age of the Sith   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 1:31 am


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PostSubject: [b]Lord Bane (Dark Lord of the Sith)[/b]   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 1:07 pm

Galen Marek was raised with the knowledge of the force
His father was a Jedi of the old Republic. Galen Marek’s
father was killed by Darth Vader When he was a young boy,
and Galen was taken by Lord Vader to learn of the dark side
and become his apprentice. Vader changed the boys name to
Starkiller. As Vader's apprentice, Starkiller helped the Dark
Lord hunt down the remaining jedi after the clone wars, The
Emperor later learned that Lord Vader had a secret apprentice
and ordered Lord Vader to kill him, or they would both be killed,
Lord Vader had no other choice but to destroy his apprentice, he
was later Brought back to Life by Vader to continue with his plans
of destroying the emperor but was told to sever all ties until the time
was right. With the help of a Jedi he thought he had killed, General
Rahm Kota, and Senator Bail Organa, Starkiller organized a Rebel
force to distract the emperor. Starkiller then confronted the Emperor,
which ordered Vader to destroy him. Starkiller was able to defeat Lord
Vader but was killed by the emperor. Resurrected again by the Emperor
to serve him. After the death of Emperor Palpatine, he went into hiding
growing his strength in the force. During this time of hiding He researched
his family history only to learn that he had a Direct Bloodline from Darth
Bane, Darth Bane was great, great great great Grandfather of Galen Marek,
he later took the mantle of Darth Bane In order to Honor his Grandfather,
after years of hiding Lord Bane reappeared to reunite the sith under his
rulership in The New age of the sith he wanted to Reorganized the Sith,
Under Lord Banes Rulership He took an apprentice now known as Darth
Ruin, together they ran the Galaxy The way it should have been ran
millennia’s ago Today Lord Bane’s Rulership stands with his apprentice
Darth Ruin and other Warriors of the Sith.
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PostSubject: [b]Darth Ruin (Apprentice To Lord Bane) [/b]   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 1:12 pm

Born on Damage 20 years ago. Darth Ruin born as Houldek Macara brother to King Jester Houldan Macara... the Macara Family had always been an influencial family in the Demagan political scene and as the economy of the planet began to decline and civil war broke out. the family stood as a beacon of hope for the future of a proud and majestic race born as a hybrid of demon and vampyre ancestry.
Supreme General Dark Jester Thoulda Macara used his brilliance as a tactician and his unstoppable tenacity and charisma gained the support and admiration of the men under his command... he fought in every major battle of the Demagan Civil war against the fascist revolutionaries that sought to overthrow the standing government of the supreme dictator Kottonmouth Soldier (Kealon Kurrick IV) eventually after many bold victories across the surface of the tropical planet Thoula soon gained enough support to finaly have a chancde to seize power and re stabilize his nation...
however he withheld viewing himself as a great patriot of the Demagan Empire... after 10 years a now supreme general of demaga Thoulda met a young woman named Kallia Koulda... they fell in love and had their first child.. after a majestic marriage ceremony which hosted over a million demagans citizens eager to see the two most influential families in the proud young nation become intertwined.... the couple and their young son Houldan began to gather a loyal fanbase as Thoulda grew in power ans influence as he secured a seat in the supreme council on demaga.
the current leader saw this young and ambitious couple as a threat but could find no way to eliminate them.. they were for a time untouchable as the gathered a Fanbase across the whole nation... Kallia hosted hundreds of banquest in the honor of Demagan soldiers, their families, and many many charities. soon the word of Thoulda had more weight on the public than the leader at the time...
one day after a desperate attempt to pull support back into his favor the Dictator Kurrick IV made bold statement that he would increase the military power of demaga and protect the newly founded liberties of his now mighty nation...
within two months of these accusations an alien race invaded a seemingly defensless nation... many hundreds of thousands of demagans perished in a war they had no hope of wining. then in a time of great desperation Thoulda managed to sned an emergency call to the allie he had gained in a intersystem war..... the Mandolrians came and aided demaga in her defense against a mutual enemy.. finaly after a long war of attrition only a hundred thousand demagans remained and the planet was baldley damaged but the murderous Deskuls were beaten back into the unknown regions of the galaxy..
the public clammored for justice and was outraged at the unkept promises of thier "benevolent" dictator.. Thoulda saw the end of his people coming and took action he took what remained of the demagan military and led a bloodless crusade against the capital city he was able to walk into the nations capital up the steps of the palace and drug a cowering dictator into the streets where he was flogged by his own people and then shot in thew head and hung up to display weakness in mind body and spirit to the entire world.. the Macara family was unanimously handed the throne and ruled for many many years peacfully and the nation thrived and gained allies nearly everyday. after Kallia had seen four children and was 7 months pregnant with her fith Child (Houldek) Thoulda cousin in a frenzied attempt to sieze the throne had Kallia and her three daughters assinated in the gardens while Thoulda was away at his capital ship durring war with the League of Nations.. before he recieved the news of his families death he had found that one of his allies had nearly been killed by terrorists.... Thoulda knew as the second nation in power of the war effort against the LON that his time was counting down... he recived the news within hours and then before he could get to the surface to bur his wife and daughters he was attacked by LON supported terrorist and died of his wounds in a hospital leaving the CApital Ship Aurora Eternity crippled and floating in space to this day..... Houldek was able to be removed from his mother and cared for untill the day he could be born... but there was a deep scar upon this child and he slipped easily towards the dark side.. he willingly gave into his ager and rage in efforts to destroy those responsible for the massacre of his mother and sisters.. at the age of 8 already a powerful hybrid and skilled with a saber hellbent on bloody vengence
he sought out those who had destroyed all he had ever had a chance to love.. all he had ever known... he had never even looked upon his mothers smiling face nor his sisters. even his brother had remained a ghost as Houldek plunged himself into darkness and hatred.. he became the embodiment of death and despair as his tortured thoughts plagued him day in and day out.. finaly he tracked down those responsible and laid waste to them with all the hatered he psseded.. he counted on destroying all of them but his uncle Hericka Macara had become a mighty sith warrior and escaped houldek s attackl.. the young boy gave in to his baser instincts and destroyed those who had aided his uncle in every possible way one could be destroyed some he cut to peices with his lightsaber, others he tortured for hours, and those unlucky enough to survive the torture he ripped limb from limb with his bare demon hands...
Finaly after securing his rights to the throne Houldan named as his father first born son... assumed the title of King Jester leader of demaga with a fanatical fan base as
his loyal subjects saw both his father and his mother in him... giving himself to his people he quickly gathered power and in hopes to reunite the demagan people with their proud heritage his loyal subjects gave their power up to him and channeled their strength and desire and sense of justice and duty to him... all the while his brother sank deeper ad deeper.. untill one day Houldek returned to Drageara and suumed the right hand throne under his brother.. form there Houldek traveled the galaxy looking for his uncle the Now Darth Gregis... untill Houldek discovered a power and voice that called out to him... beckoned him.. it infiltrated his mind and all corners of his perceptions it was the call of the dark side... the call of the dark lord of the sith... he traveld lightyears in search of the source.. ravaged day by day untill he came upon New Korriban... he traveled in secrecy untill he met with lord Bane in person.. it was fate.. he pledged himself whole heartedly to the sith hellbent and corrupted with power and rage... he gained much strength and wisdom under Lord Bane and was renamed Darth Ruin as bane was sure he would bring about the ruin of the jedi council and as being a stunning example of how far one can truly fall into darkness without become part of it, he battled and defeated countless jedi. and when it was the time for him to take an apprentice he selected the young fledgling the fallen jedi master elvis who had renamed himself Dark Jedi Fury... upon acceptance as apprentice to the Sith Lord of Vengeance Dark Jedi Fury became Darth Malice... and every day Darth Ruin trains him in the ways of the great demagan worriors and in the manner to which he had been trained against weakness by lord bane... Ruin sees much in his apprentice and has high hopes for the powerful young sith...
to this day where ever Ruin travels and however much he tries to repress it all force and emotion sensitive beings can feel the unadulterated hatred and pain that has consumed a potentialy great young man... at the age of 20 he has seen, caused, and been in more pain and suffering than many could have in a hundred lifetimes. the only thing that keeps him going and driven is knowing one day he will meet Darth Gregis face to face and when he does.... he will have his bittersweet revenge even if it destroys him in the process.
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PostSubject: Darth Erinyes (Droid General)   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 1:22 pm

Before Joining the Sith Darth Erinyes
Name was Emperor Jessi the Evil brother of Sora
They ruled the nation of Kingdom Hearts. One night
The island was attacked by darkness and shadow
Creatures known as the heartless, and now
The universe of Kingdom Hearts is a
Collection of various heartless and nobodies.
So when sora died trying to fix things Jessi
Took over as Emperor, Jessi kept all the nobodies
And heartless he made them his followers
when Emperor Jessi Made them is Followers
He fell into darkness and found out that his dad
Was a sith Lord. His father Erida Eakin was from
the planet Nyes. Nyes was a planet created by pure
evil, His father ruled this planet under the Dark Force,
eventually Emperor Jessi’s father started speaking to him
through Dreams, Which unlocked the hatred that was burning
deep within him. Finally it became too much for Jessi
To handle, so he went out in search of this planet
In order to confront his father, little did he know
That his father had planned to train his son in the
Dark side of the force, Jessi’s trained extensively
With his father, little by little Jessi, learned more of
The dark side of the force, he later took the name
Darth Erinyes, he learned many things from Erida Eakin
About the force, Darth Erinyes unlocked many abilities
He had deep within him. His father later revealed to him
That he was Half Sith and Half Keyblade Master, and that
He had a strong connection with the force, but there was one
More thing for Darth Erinyes to do and that was to kill a Jedi
During the battle of Hoth Darth Erinyes along with his father
went to seek out the jedi named Fury, that was Erinyes final test
of loyalty to the sith. During the this battle Erinyes killed the jedi
known as Fury. on the way back to the transport Eryinyes saw his
father killed by some Rouge Jedi after seeing this he swore on his
father’s death that he would do everything to find the Jedi responsible
for the death of his father, but of course in order to find this jedi he would
need help from someone much stronger in the force so Erinyes seeked
out the one called Darth Ruin, Darth Ruin offered to aid Darth Erinyes
find his father’s killers under one condition. If he joined the new age
of the sith, Lord Ruin would help Darth Erinyes in finding his father’s
killer. Once Darth Erinyes joined the order Darth Ruin told Erinyes about
the greatest sith lord in history Lord Bane Dark Lord of the Sith, interested
in meeting Lord Bane, hoping he could help him find his father’s killers
Lord Bane saw much potential in the young sith. Lord Bane delievered
Information on where he could find his father’s killer. Lord Bane Sent
His best fighter pilot and Apprentice to Lord Ruin Darth Malice to
Assist with the apprehension of the rouge, little did Darth Erinyes know
That Darth Malice was once the Jedi he was looking for. Darth Malice
Convinced Darth Erinyes that he was never a threat to him or his family
That the one he seeked was someone related to Malice’s father,
which had died years ago In a Plane crash. After Darth Erinyes completed
his task he and Darth Malice become allies, and assisted each other whenever
possible. Darth Erinyes gained Darth Bane’s Trust and was offered to be
a Droid General for Darth Bane. Ever since then Darth Erinyes has
been faithful to the order.
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PostSubject: Darth Malice (Apprentice to Darth Ruin and Archiver of the Order)   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 1:25 pm

Rob Fury was raised in a politically strong family,
his parents were strong Supporters of the Republic
and believed they could make the Galactic Republic
A better place. they were part of the Senate in the
Galactic Republic of Gotham Knights, one day both
of Rob’s parents were killed in a plane crash shortly
after take off, people said it was engine failure But Rob
knew different considering that he was from a strong
political family and knew that they had many enemies
no one would speak, troubled and lost Rob Fury searched
the Galaxy for answers finally he met a Jedi Master named
Zunga Jorob, Master Jorob taught young Fury the light side
of the force, Rob went on to becoming Master Jorob’s padwan
learner Rob dropped his first name and just went by Fury, Fury
accepted the training he learned from master Jorob and used it
to his full potential, Master Jorob tried to help Fury control his
anger but was unable to tame the young padwan, Fury struck down
his master because Fury felt that the Jedi were only clouding his
judgment and they didn’t want him to find his Parents Murders,
becoming a Rouge Jedi Fury followed the force wherever it led him,
on day it led him right into the battle of Hoth, upon reaching this battle
the force led him to a Sith Lord named Erida Eakin, Fury tried to
speak to the sith lord because, Fury remembered seen him that day his
parents were murdered. When they were going to exchange information a
bounty hunter named Fetlu Prcor shot a poison dart into the neck of Erida
Eakin, unable to save the Sith Lord, Fury saw a figure in the distance and
fled to safety, thinking He was never going to find his parents killers, Fury
met a Sith Lord Known as Darth Ruin, upon seeing Darth Ruin Fury felt a
strange thing When he met Darth Ruin, Ruin had a strong connection with the
force, the dark side of the force, Darth Ruin, explained to Fury all about the
Dark side of the force, interested in knowing more about it, Fury wanted
To know more about the dark side, Darth Ruin agreed to take Fury as
His new apprentice upon becoming Darth Ruin’s apprentice Fury received
A new name, Fury was now known as Darth Malice, through Lord Ruin
Darth Malice learned many things from the Sith Lord, Malice gained a
Strong connection to the force, he learned how to unlock many abilities
And gain a better understanding of the force, through Lord Ruin, Malice
Was able to meet the Dark Lord of the Sith Lord Bane, Lord Bane also saw
Much potential in the young apprentice Lord Bane offered Darth Malice a
Position in his Order as the achiever of the order, there Darth Malice learned
About the past Lords of the order, and has proved himself loyal to the sith. He
Met Darth Erinyes on a mission Lord Bane sent the both on, to capture a Rouge
Jedi, they believed was a threat to the Empire, little did they know they were going
To get the same Bounty Hunter the killed both of there parents, this bounty hunter
Was later learned that he was a close relative to Darth Malice never knowing
Who this bounty hunter was, Darth Malice and Darth Erinyes destroyed the Bounty
Hunter, and returned to their nations, until the time was right for them to rise up and
Do another mission for the Dark lord of the sith, and his Apprentice.
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PostSubject: Darth Maleki Maofor Bounty Hunter of the Order   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2008 2:59 pm

From the day he was born his father Supreme General Darth Killjoy taught him of the bounty hunter ways. As Maleki Maofor grew up he saw he father change, his strength got stronger, his shooting got greater than before, and he also notice a sword like object. One day his father sat him down at home and explained to him that one day he will become a Sith like his father. Darth Killjoy trained young Maleki from the time he was thirteen years old. When Maleki was sixteen his father was killed by a greedy man who wanted to take over his father's Union caled the Bounty Hunter's Union. Maleki grew with rage.

It took Maleki Maofor one year to find the Stith order, and when he did he made himself know to them. The did not truely know who he was, but they felt the presences of Darth Killjoy. Later on, Maleki told the Sith Lord's who he really was, the son of Darth Killjoy and they was shocked due to the fact that they did not know he had a son nor a family at that. Maleki wanted to be trained by his father's Sith Master Dath Erinyes, and Darth Erinyes did train Maleki. Maleki was now known as Darth Maleki Moafor. The sith attacked the halls of the Shadow Jedi Order, and that was a test to see if Darth Maleki Maofor could make it as a Sith Lord or not. Someting came over Maleki his anger grew as he fought the Jedi, his hatered grew, the darkness grew so much inside of him! He passed his test of becoming a Sith Lord, and became the Sith Lord of Strength. No other Sith Lord can compare to this anger and rage in the Lord Maleki Maofor. Lord Maleki Moafor later on entered the war with the Order against all Jedi....and the legend continues....
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PostSubject: Darth Ravenous Sith Lord of Darkness   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeTue Nov 18, 2008 12:11 pm

Darth Ravenous was born as Zacheria Arturis Clark in Creedo,The Democratic Republic of Creedus in 2017 A.D. His father was famous Creedan General Micheal Artur Clark who helped to make Creedus the greatest nation on the planet of Arcis.Nothing eventful happened in his life until his 20th birthday when a Zombie Virus(the Homminus Canibae Infection)broke out in his hometown of Creedo.Him and his closest friends and family members teamed up to fight off the hordes of the Undead.Unfortunately nothing seemed to work on these Zombies,they were intelligent,fast,strong,and impervious to all attacks that came their way(including bullets to the head).Zacheria studied the Zombies furiously and soon developed a special kind of bullet which would get rid of the Zombies for good(Classified Information).Zacheria and his friends had one flaw however,they became bored very easily.They played games such Darts(with the zombies heads being the targets)or Chicken(to see who could stand in the middle of an oncoming horde for the longest).Chicken was Zacheria's favorite and it soon became his downfall.During a game,one of his friends started to get bold and stayed in the horde with him until they were only a foot away from the horde.Zacheria,being the undefeated champion of Chicken,stood in the middle even after his friend had made his exit.The horde was too powerful to fight off and he soon joined the ranks of the Arcan Zombies.After all of Arcis had been infected,the Zombies formed an alliance between all of the former Republics and formed the Galactic Empire of Zombie Nations after the conquest of Ragnarok,Saevio,and Contemptus.Zacheria had written and signed the new Constitution and was soon elected to be Emperor.The Empire soon made many alliances(including one with Darth Ruin of the Galactic Empire of Demaga).With Ruin and other allies he helped to conquer the Deskuls' home planet,a species which had once plagued the Demagan populace,in 2 B.V. Unfortunately for the Jedi,Zacheria couldn't fight off his destiny of joining the Dark Side of the Force.Initially trained by Ruin in the basic art of lightsaber combat,Zacheria(going by the name of Darth Andeddu) soon was taken as an apprentice by Darth Malice the Sith Lord of Hatred.Currently he is the Dark Emperor of the Empire of Zombie Nations,Lieutenant General of Bounty Hunter's Union Marine Corps,and Sith Lord of the undead.
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PostSubject: THE FALL OF THE SHADOW JEDI   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 11:17 am

*Darth Caedus walks forth with his Army of Crusaders. They march up the steps to the Temple of the Shadow Jedi. He stops at the entrance. The Shadows stair at him with question.* I am bringing this forth only once... those who wish to live, and to follow me to glory, you will come to the Sith now. The rest of you will die... [Shadow Lord] Grand Lord, what are you doing?! We can not join the Sith, we oathed to the Shadow Jedi! We can not turn now. [Caedus] then you oathed to your death. *Picks up the Shadow Lord with the force, and sends him flying against the wall. The man gasphs for air, and Caedus breaks his neck. Everyone esle stands in shock.* Now, would anyone else wish to end up like him? *About 120 followers step forward, the rest stand their ground.* No?... *A smirk on his face. his eyes glow a Dark Red/Yellow.* Good... *He pulls out his twin duels and ignites them. They glow a Dark Maroon, and have a black elitrical current around them.* Die... *He jumps up, and at that moment, the crusaders fire. He comes down on the 1st victem, and sends blade threw his chest, and goes to another for a short battle, and a blade cut accrost his waster, cutting the man in half.* Spare no one! All will die! [Crusader Commander] Yes Sir! *The fighting continues, and Caedus kills one after another, not even stopping at the women and children. All die before his wrath. He comes forth to his wife.* [Lieona] What are you doing?! [Caedus] I am doing what I should have done a long time ago. The Shadows are weak. If they join the sith, they will find true power! My wife come! And I will teach you to become more pwoerful then ever, and we shall rule in victory together. [Lieona] I... I can't believe your doing this... I don't believe you... your killing your people, the ones your swore to protect... why?! WHY?! [Caedus] Becuase, they don't deserve to live... [Lieona] No... you don't! *She takes our her sabers and ignites them. Caedus smiles.* So you shall die with the weak... *He brings hes blades forwar, and dashes forward and hits her in her chest. Her eyes widen. She puts her arm on him. A drop of blood comes out of her mouth* [Lieona] I... I thought... you.. loved.. me? [Caedus] I did, but you chose not to love who I am. For that, you are no better then the others. *He takes his blade out of her, and pushes her limp body aside. The commander walks to him.* [Commander] Sir, we have secured most of the area. Its time we burn this place to the ground... [Caedus] Do it. Asslemble the ships for orbital bombing. I have one last job to do... [Commander] Yes sir! *Caedus walks forth to the Temple's Meditation chamber. He walks into his privet chamber and looks at it. He goes inside of it and takes the picture of Jaden and a picture of Jadens mother. He walks out and takes one last look at the devisation and smiles. The place is layered with bodies of Shadow Lords, Masters, apprentices, adepts, even younglings. Alot were killed by Caedus. He also notices several crusaders laying there, with saber wounds.* They should've listened to me... the dark side is much stronger... *He leaves with an escort of men, and gets on a ship. The bombing begins, and the temple is leveled. Nothing stands of it, and no one lived. The 120 people who followed him were put to sith training and became Siths in the Sith Army.*
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PostSubject: Darth Revan Sith Lord Of Judgment   The New Age of the Sith Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 4:01 pm

Semos Mareel or Darth Revan was born to a family of farmers on the world of Concord Dawn, a planet long associated with the heavily-armored super-soldiers known as the Mandalorians. Semos's dad served as Journeyman Protector, since Semos father took on the role of Journeyman Protector the mandalorians that controled the land said Revan's father had to protect the village from gangsters,robbers and Mandalorian Death Watch Warriors. Well one day Mandalorian Death Watch attacked the village and Revan's dad died by Death Warriors while they were robbing a market store and he tried to protect it. Then Revan's older brother Jaster Mareel took over the the village and became the next Journeyman Protector of the village and then thats when he met Jango Fett and they grew up together teaching Revan alot about becoming a Journeyman Protector but then the Mandalorians came back and took over the planet once again under the rule of Mandalore The Indomitable and Mandalore The Indomitable took Revan or by his real name Semos Mareel, his brother Jaster Mareel and Jango Fett. Semos was a young boy when the war began between the True Mandalorians, led by Jaster Mereel, and a traitor named Vizsla who lead the Mandalorian Death Watch in the civil war between the two clans on to Semos's homeworld in the on Concord Dawn. In the Battle of Concord Dawn against the rebel Death Watch pursued the True Mandalorian loyalists to the Mareel homestead, where Revan and Jaster and his followers were granted refuge by the Fett family. Then Jaster died in the Battle of Concord Dawn when he was betrayed by the True Mandalorians then the clan of the True Mandalorians fell apart. Later the Clone Wars came and then Semos Mareel or also known as Revan joined the Jedi Order through his connections with Jedi Master Mace Windu and Grand Master Yoda. Revan then became Jenobi Atari, jedi apprentice of Mace Windu and then became Jedi Knight then at the end of the Clone Wars Revan was now Jedi Master Jenobi Atari High General of the 182nd Clone Legion. Then the fall of the jedi came and Order 66 came and Jenobi Atari or Revan fled back to Concord Dawn where he reformed the Mandalorian Clan True Mandalorians. While all this time went by the Sith Order started to take over the galaxy. Then the Mandalorian Death Watch Clan came back for vengence under the rule of Vizsla's son Tion and the True Mandalorians elected Semos Mareel or Revan as Mandalore The Notorious and he lead the True Mandalorians against the Death Watch and lead them to victory and took over the Death Watch and put the two Mandalorian Clans together then Revan in his lust for power started havng the force flow through him when he was flurishing as Mandalore he met the Sith face to face Mandalore The Notorious vs Darth Ruin Sith Lord Of Darkness confronted him for the sith and even before they could duel Revan relized that he was on the wrong side and by joining the Sith Order his lust for power could grow, which it did and then Revan came to his senses and became Darth Ruin's Sith Apprentice.Then became Darth Revan and his power started growing and then he became a Sith Acolyte for the Sith Order while still training under Darth Ruin, later Darth Revan grew much stronger and still having much too learn Darth Revan was closely becoming a Sith Lord.The time of war was coming the Mandalorian Clans were breaking apart, many alliance apposed the Sith Order and in the time of war...a more powerful sith is needed thats when Darth Revan's training became stronger and have more knowledge with the dark side of the force. Now became Darth Revan became a Sith Lord. Now in power Darth Revan was now Darth Revan Sith Lord Of Judgment was born and born into power.
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The New Age of the Sith
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